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MPE bedding, founded in 1956 in corona portabella (VA), Italy, is an advocate of deep sleep system. MPE bedding is committed to promoting human health and deep sleep for a long time. It is the first high-end professional brand to launch scientific and technological intelligent bed and pure latex healthy bed in China.
Division della gomagomma S.p.A, parent company of MPE, was established in Italy
The world's first mastic latex mattress came out, marking the beginning of the era of true deep sleep
Shenzhen Meiya industry acquires global use right of MPE bedding brand trademark
The world's first decompression type latex mattress was born, and the first intelligent bed was born
MPE bedding becomes the brand of China astronaut scientific research and training center
MPE bedding becomes the brand selected by the Training Bureau of the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China
Launch the first wireless remote control intelligent bed
MPE and Chinese astronauts
Research and training center
Jointly developed leading technology
The world's unique "space floating bed"
MPE latex mattress becomes the first product in the world to enter the Antarctic test
MPE becomes the only independent home brand in China for Expo Milano
The first space weightlessness technology bed experience exhibition hall was established, MPE won the national high-tech innovation enterprise again
The industry's first mobile app operating system
The deep sleep system was officially launched to realize the integration of smart bed and home life
Product authority certification
National standard standard is much higher than the market counterparts!

Every intelligent bed and latex mattress of MPE returns to the essence of sleep and is born to satisfy the ideal sleep that everyone yearns for all his life. MPE purchases natural materials suitable for human body's sleep from a global scope, and develops sleep products to meet different people's needs for healthy and deep sleep. Because of our specialty, we have passed five very strict European latex product certification, such as Oeko tex, Euro latex, CATAS, wf4 dry system, TLS air system (European environmental protection certification, European non-toxic latex material quality certification, Italian quality certification, wf4 drying cycle ventilation certification, TLS ventilation certification), etc.

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