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MPE introduces intelligent bedroom system, leading the new trend of the industry
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On March 19, 2018, the 33rd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair with the theme of "meeting the city" officially opened. As a representative brand in the field of smart bed and pure latex mattress, MPE bedding was invited to participate in the exhibition Its MPE smart bed and MPE pure latex two brands made an amazing appearance, which attracted the strong attention of many professional visitors and consumers.


(△ crowded MPE exhibition hall)

From the consumer market point of view, home intelligent is a major trend. As a pioneer in the field of smart bed in China, since the birth of the first MPE smart bed in 2005, Meiya MPE has integrated intelligent factors into the DNA of brand development, continuously integrated global high-quality and healthy sleep resources, combined with the latest intelligent technology, to provide users with systematic intelligent solutions and make deep sleep closer.



(△ MPE creates a new modular combination experience mode of "vision + technology"

In today's market demand for smart mattresses continues to grow, Meiya MPE does not stop at the research and development of a single product, but starts to focus on systematic intelligent bedroom system solutions.

This exhibition, MPE With the brand-new intelligent bedroom, it brings the audience a sensory feast with perfect combination of intelligent technology and multi bedroom scene.

An app, which integrates intelligent bed, intelligent light belt, intelligent humidifier, aromatherapy Intelligent desk lamp and other elements of the collective control, easy to create a bedroom scene suitable for rest, reading, parties, leisure and other multiple needs. At the same time, app also has the function of one button memory, which makes people's life easier and more convenient.



(△ the exhibition audience competes to experience the intelligent bedroom system)

(△ visitors experience smart bed)


(△ the audience listened attentively to the sleep consultant's explanation)

Talking about the original intention of dabbling in intelligent bedroom system, Mr. Luo Cheng, chairman of MPE, said that with the improvement of life quality and consumption, bedroom life scene has already changed from single sleep function to rest, leisure and work , and even multi-functional scene transformation such as parties.

As a pioneer and advocate of deep sleep, MPE is always committed to meet the multiple needs of consumers. In the future, we will also implant and personalize from IOT module From various aspects such as chemical design, health and environmental protection, we constantly improve and perfect our intelligent bedroom system, so as to provide consumers with better all-round deep sleep solutions.


(△ intelligent sleep system becomes a new trend in the future)

Seize the blue ocean of deep sleep and enjoy the feast of wealth. From now on to March 22, MPE invites distinguished guests from all walks of life to enjoy the exhibition at booth 1a15 of the 33rd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.


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