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Shenzhen International Furniture Fair ends perfectly, MPE bedding sets off the upsurge of joining!
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On March 22, 2018, the 4-day "Shenzhen fashion home design week 2018 and the 33rd Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition" was concluded perfectly. As a leading brand in the field of smart bed and pure latex mattress, MPE bedding redefines the industry standard, with super hard and electric pure latex mattress, intelligent theme bedroom and 360 ° A series of new products, such as the rotating intelligent bed, have made a perfect appearance, and the industry is boiling!

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Three high quality products, leading the industry trend

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Top 1:
Super hard and electric pure latex mattress fundamentally subverts the traditional cognition of "pure latex = soft mattress", and makes up for the blank of superhard latex mattress market. It provides the best sleep solution for people who want to pursue a more healthy and environmentally friendly pure latex material and are not used to soft sleep.
Top 2:
The intelligent theme bedroom transforms the life scene from a single sleep function to a multi-functional scene such as rest, leisure, work and even party. An app can control the intelligent bed, intelligent light belt, intelligent humidifier, aromatherapy, intelligent desk lamp and other elements, and easily create a bedroom scene suitable for the multiple needs of rest, reading, party and leisure, It brings a sensory feast of intelligent technology to the audience.
Top three:
three hundred and sixty ° The rotating intelligent bed can adjust the best geomantic level 360 degrees according to the Chinese tradition, combining with the eight characters of one's birthday and the geomantic omen fortune to continuously bless the deep sleep. At the same time, as the pinnacle of humanization, it brings consumers a new sleep experience of deep sleep and no interference. According to the chairman of MPE, the research and development of 360 ° The original intention of the rotating smart bed is to spread the concept of healthy sleep to the public and let more people understand the charm and importance of deep sleep. Good sleep is like the eight diagrams, which represents infinity and can put everything in the universe.


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Call for MPE
MPE perfectly integrates deep sleep with aesthetics, experience and intelligence, redefines industry standards, presents consumers with professional image of deep sleep system advocates, and attracts special reports from mainstream media including fangtianxia, Sina, Tencent, Pan home, Shenzhen furniture, Sohu and other mainstream media. At the same time, it has been highly recognized and supported by red star Macalline, incredibly home, Eurasia and other property owners!


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 Picture 5.jpg Seize the blue ocean and ignite the upsurge of joining

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The future has come, and the era of smart bed has come. MPE bedding exhibition hall has attracted high attention and franchise consultation from dealers all over the world. In 4 days of the exhibition, more than 280 customers intend to join and 48 franchise contracts have been signed on site! More franchisees are signing in succession


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