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  • one
    How should latex mattress maintain?

    one Regular rotation      

    Latex mattress after ergonomic design, can be close to the human body curve, reduce the pressure on the body. Therefore, the mattress may appear a slight depression after a period of time, which is a normal phenomenon, not a structural problem. In order to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, please exchange the head and tail of the mattress every two weeks within three months after purchase, and turn the mattress face over at the end of every two months after three months. Persistence can make the mattress more durable.

    two Timely ventilation    

    In areas or seasons with heavy moisture, please move the mattress to a cool place for ventilation to keep the mattress dry and fresh.

    three Avoid the sun    

    As with the latex pillow, do not place the latex mattress directly in the sun to avoid aging and surface powdering. If the bedroom daylighting is good, should do a good job in the shading of the bed, avoid direct sunlight mattress.

    four Do not wash or dry clean          

    Latex materials do not need to be cleaned, as long as the daily change of sheets, mattress cover, and keep the mattress surface clean and sanitary, avoid jumping on the mattress, eating or drinking. If there is a small area of dirt, just wipe it with a wet towel and put it in a ventilated place. It can be used after it is completely dried. Please follow the washing instructions for mattress cover  。

    five Avoid extrusion      

    When carrying the mattress, do not squeeze and fold it hard to avoid damaging the mattress. Usually try not to place heavy objects on the mattress to avoid deformation.

    six Dry ventilation collection      

    mattress If it is not used for a long time, the air permeable packaging materials should be selected, and the desiccant should be placed in the package and placed in a dry and ventilated environment.

  • two
    Does the new mattress smell?

    The new mattress will more or less have some smell, and each person's senses are different. It is recommended that customers ventilate for 1-3 weeks.

  • three
    What to do if the mattress is wet or dirty?

    Under normal circumstances, we will put a bed cover on the mattress, so soiling the mattress generally does not happen.

    However, it is possible to wet the mattress. Whether it is juice, drinks or children's bed wetting and other liquid things, water will permeate the bedspread and flow to the mattress. If it does happen, please quickly use a dry rag to quickly absorb the moisture by pressing. At the same time, erect the mattress for a while and let it dry to avoid moisture penetration to the bottom of the bed.

    There are special cleaning pads for sale mattresses on the market. It would be better if we could lay cleaning mats on the mattresses first and then spread the bedspread.

  • four
    The importance of mattress cleaning?

    The seemingly humble mattress is actually a "paradise" for bacteria. British research has found that a double mattress that hasn't been cleaned for about three years has more than one billion bacteria on it, mainly fungi and mites.

    Dust mites like warm and humid environment. Mattresses and bedding are the main breeding grounds of dust mites. Mites and their excreta are a strong allergen, which can cause cough, asthma, rhinitis and dermatitis.

    Mattress's special material and technology, introduce the special effect of human body (regular cleaning is helpful to extend the function and life of mattress).

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