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Excellent sleeping materials from all over the world

MPE purchases natural materials suitable for human body's sleep from a global scope, and develops sleep products to meet different people's needs for healthy and deep sleep. Because of our specialty, we have passed five very strict European latex product certification, such as Oeko tex, Euro latex, CATAS, wf4 dry system, TLS air system (European environmental protection certification, European non-toxic latex material quality certification, Italian quality certification, wf4 drying cycle ventilation certification, TLS ventilation certification), etc.

The best natural latex source in the world
Natural latex in South America and Southeast Asia

Italy's leading latex process is derived from natural latex from South America and Southeast Asia. These countries and regions are the main producing areas of the world's best quality latex because of their unique tropical geographical location, abundant sunshine and abundant rain water that are most suitable for the growth of rubber trees, as well as the extremely mineral rich soil in the tropics. The natural latex in this region is also known as "tears of trees". Compared with ordinary latex, the molecular structure is more regular, the inner wall is smoother, with higher air permeability and better elastic performance. It is completely green, environmentally friendly and safer. Its comprehensive index is three times that of ordinary latex.

Natural latex is made from the sap of natural rubber tree through high-tech foaming. Its inherent anti allergy and antibacterial properties can inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites, and is an ideal choice for allergic patients. Compared with other mattress materials, latex has better resilience, can conform to the contour of the body, so that every curve of the body has a suitable support, so that you can enjoy the best comfort and back support, and have a perfect sleeping position. The micro pores inside the latex form a natural air circulation system, which makes the mattress fresh and dry and self ventilated.

The best raw materials in the world
Jute, wool, tianniansu, horsetail hair

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