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Deep sleep -- the hardness and softness of mattress
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The right sleeping position and the choice of mattress are very important

In life, the four key factors that affect people's healthy sleep are: adequate sleep time, good sleep environment, correct sleep posture and healthy and comfortable sleeping mattress.

International Spinal experts pointed out: "without causing pain or aggravating the problem of spinal compression, the most comfortable and relaxed posture is a healthy sleep position.". In addition to the external factors of sleep time and environment, a high-quality mattress with good support, comfort and fit, and suitable for its own hard and soft needs is an important guarantee for healthy sleep.

Mattress too soft:


If the mattress is too soft, the spine of the user can not be kept straight due to the lack of supporting force, and the back muscles will be in a state of tension during the whole sleep process. Due to the lack of support, the spine will sink and compress the muscles and ligaments.

Mattress too hard:


Too hard mattress, can not support all parts of the body, local pressure is too large, resulting in spinal compression and unnatural bending state, so that the body can not completely relax in sleep, resulting in local stress in the blood circulation.

Ideal mattress:


In MPE? Pure latex deep healthy sleep world, it can not only solve your basic needs of soft and hard sleep, but also give you a pure, healthy and comfortable "deep sleep zero pressure" experience! The pure natural latex material is the premise of ensuring your body to get the best sleeping posture, the best sleep feeling and the best health experience.

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