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T168 (pure latex thick mattress)

1. The fourth generation of latex technology, harder than brown, can better care for the health of the spine, more in line with the needs of Chinese people's sleep. The mattress forms "microcirculation air system" by itself, and has stronger absorption and air permeability.
2. 20cm ultra-high standard thickness one-piece forming latex, formaldehyde free, zero splicing, zero five gold, healthy and environmental protection. Support comfortable sleep two in one, "hard support, soft fit", more in line with health standards.
3. Imported from Italy, the quality is controllable and the health is more guaranteed; Global unique Italian GMA (Goma) process, perfect retention of the excellent performance of natural latex, mite and insect resistant, skin friendly, quiet and anti-interference.
4. Humanized quick zip design can effectively split the mattress, dry and clean, keep the mattress clean at any time, and make sleep more fresh.
5. The scientific multi-stage partition design can easily adapt to the electric bedstead and bring diversified sleep experience.
Product specification:
  • 200*180*22cm
Process material:
  • The fourth generation of 20 cm Italian stereoscopic demoulding decompression emulsion
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