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T308 (adjustable soft hard latex mattress)

1. The bed body has two special soft and hard devices. Through the expansion and contraction of the device, the degree of hardness and softness of each part of the mattress can be adjusted, and the human body curve can be adaptive, so that people can reach the state of zero pressure deep sleep. Soft hardness can be adjusted as a whole, but also can be adjusted in different areas, so that sleep partners do not interfere with each other.
2. According to ergonomics and scientific division, the third generation of Italian natural latex with seven sections is designed with different supporting performance for seven stressed parts of the body, so that the mattress can adapt to the human sleep curve, relieve the muscle pressure during sleep, relax the body and mind, and enter deep sleep.
3. Tencel fabric is soft and draping, breathable and moisture permeable, simple and elegant luster, anti mite, antistatic, strong durability, good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, easy to clean and wash.
Product specification:
  • 200*180*22
Process material:
  • The third generation of Italian natural latex
  • Soft and hard regulating system
  • Tencel fabric
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