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MPE video | how many times have you been cheated about the "lies" your mother said in those years?
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One world, one mother

When I was a child, my mother must have said that

"I picked you up from the trash can"

"I'll save the lucky money for you first"

In those years, my mother said "lies"

Do you still remember?

Round 1

It's very cold outside today. Put on your warm pants

I believe it

So he was sweating

Round 2

I didn't like to eat fish since I was a child

I believe it

Eat up the whole fish

My mother later mixed rice with fish soup

Round 3

What's this you bought? Expensive and ugly!

I believe it

It turned out that mom was dressed beautifully

Still arrogant and coquettish say with neighbor is son filial piety her

Round 4

When will I bring my partner back? I'm so worried that I can't sleep every day

This time, I will never be cheated by my mother's "lies"!

There's a video with the truth. How sweet she sleeps!

Click to watch the video

MPE AI sleep aid bed can be used when the mother is asleep,

Real time measurement of heart rate, respiration, body movement and other data,

And generate sleep reports based on these data,

One click query on the mobile app,

Keep track of your mother's sleep status.

Voice control: call when you call, and be on call;

Deep sleep is as deep as you can say;

Soft and hard adjustment, say hard is hard, say soft is soft;

Constant temperature function, say warm on warm, want to cool are difficult;

Stop snoring warning, always pay attention to sleep health;

Data monitoring, I know your sleep size.


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