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Enjoy the summer! MPE "ride the wind and waves · miss is coming" activity cool
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What kind of summer is beautiful? Watermelon, air conditioning and WiFi, long-awaited camping and starry sky, every breeze blowing on the cheek at night. From August 6 to August 30, MPE smart bed "ride the wind and waves · Miss comes", MPE pure latex "summer is not beneficial · natural benefits", and intelligent and natural sleep Meet. In the warm and unrestrained summer day, immerse in cool and comfortable dream, compose the most moving poem of this season!

Smart sleep, exquisite life

Life is like a battle. You can't do it in one battle. But in the wind and waves, strive to move forward at the same time, we should know how to timely nourish our energy. MPE chaoxuan new Miss smart bed, sleep smart 2.0S intelligent operating system, 6-gear intelligent adjustment mode, to meet the needs of leisure, entertainment, relaxation, yoga, deep sleep and other functions. Remote control + app + small program, intelligent three control, optional. The integrated molding strengthens the surrounding structure, closely fits the body curve, and increases the mattress comfort. Choose MPE smart bed, ride the wind and waves, march forward bravely, and enjoy intelligent LOHAS sleep.

Natural latex, healthy sleep

MPE pure latex - impression of Milan latex mattress, selected natural high-quality latex, made by Italian Goma process. With fashionable, fresh and elegant visual interpretation of modern fashion, simple lines outline, to simple to luxury. Exquisite printing presents a three-dimensional aesthetic feeling, revealing the ultimate pursuit of quality sleep in details. Internal honeycomb structure, double air permeability and high oxygen release, natural oak protein molecules, effectively inhibit the breeding of mites and bacteria. This cost-effective latex mattress will only cost 4999 yuan in August!

Know more about the latex pad in midsummer and feel cold when lying down -- Turin

The color of summer is to take off the jump and live up to the scorching sun. When a touch of peppermint green across time and space, transformed into MPE pure emulsion Turin Italian ice cream latex pad. Fresh and charming visual enjoyment, cool but not ice sleep atmosphere, weave cool summer dream, create an oasis for your sleep. Front and back design, a mattress, double sense of sleep. The front is cool and comfortable, and the back is warm and caring. Two kinds of sleep configuration can meet the diversified sleep needs.

Intelligent sitting and lying, linking life -- C006 Huawei space chair

C006 Huawei space chair, space chair 2.0 intelligent control system, 7-gear intelligent adjustment mode, meet the office, leisure, relaxation, entertainment, reading, yoga, deep sleep and other functions, bring a new intelligent sitting and lying experience. Support remote control, small program, APP three intelligent control methods, easy to operate, seconds to understand your needs. Low frequency decompression vibration massage system, uniform force and meticulous massage, effectively relieve body tension, release physical and mental pressure.

Colorful August, wonderful! MPE August activities in addition to the above four super value products, there are new products exclusive purchase, super value arbitrage, popular products special offer, super large exchange, plus 1 yuan more than 3 pieces! Whether it's intelligent leisure in the bedroom, or a deep sleep at night. This August, meet MPE smart bed & MPE pure latex, live up to the summer style, let your sleep take on a new look!

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