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The trend of wisdom, born to win! Meiya MPE makes its debut in the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair
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   On the day of Mengxia, everything is beautiful. Attention Shenzhen fashion Home Furnishing Design week and 35th Shenzhen International furniture Exhibition will be held in August 20-23, 2020 In Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center opened grandly. As a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent bed and pure latex mattress, Meiya group has decided to launch two series of MPE smart bed and MPE space chair, which will be showcased in booth 2B03 of hall 2. All things are connected to the smart world and present to consumers all over the world.

                     . There are many entrants to the smart home industry. In addition to TCL appliances, Hisense and other traditional home appliance manufacturers, Tencent, Xiaomi and other Internet enterprises have also entered the Bureau. In 2020, 5g will be commercialized rapidly and become an important explosive point of smart home. The integrated development of Internet of things, network capacity, speed, coverage and other aspects of perfect technology and smart home. 5g Internet era, wisdom bedroom It has also become the general trend of home lifestyle change.

MPE smart bed -- smart bedroom ecosystem based on one bed

MPE smart bed is a high-end smart bed brand of Meiya group. As Pioneer of smart bed in China MPE smart bed advocates the product concept of "deep sleep and zero pressure" In 2005, it launched the first intelligent bed product in China, In 2018, the world's first AI intelligent sleeping aid bed was launched, which is committed to providing users with a complete set of system solutions for deep sleep experience. After years of experience accumulation and technology upgrading, it has occupied an important leading position in the field of intelligent bed, and has become an important leader in the field of smart bed China astronaut scientific research and training center selects brand, National Sports Administration Training Bureau selects brand, Milan World Expo independent building house brand, Huawei hilink partner.

MPE space chair comfortable , smarter

     the new MPE space chair series comes out with the support of AI voice control and 7-gear intelligent adjustment mode, Set office, leisure, relaxation, entertainment, reading, yoga, massage, deep sleep And other functions in one. MPE space chair series is the most healthy way of leisure and entertainment, with the most comfortable angle of lunch break, to bring users "More than comfortable, more intelligent" The sitting and lying experience adds more possibilities to life.

   at present, Meiya group's product strategy upgrading has been fully integrated, and MPE smart bed, MPE space chair Two series participated in this Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition, more wonderful Shenzhen fashion home design week and 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition! We'll be with you!

Shenzhen fashion home design week and 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

   time: August 20-23, 2020

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen)

Booth: 2B03, hall 2

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