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"Smart bedroom" made a new appearance in the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition. Liu Zhigang, managing director of Meiya MPE, revealed the secret in person!
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In the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition At booth 2B03, Meiya MPE appeared with a brand new image. Using AI Artificial Intelligence and IOT Internet of things technology, Meiya joined hands with Huawei hilink to build a "smart bedroom" based on one bed. What are its characteristics and highlights? What will MPE aim for in the second half of 2020? Today furniture was invited to have an interesting and in-depth exchange with Mr. Liu Zhigang, managing director of Meiya MPE.

The following is a transcript of the interview:


Q: In this furniture exhibition, Meiya MPE appeared with a new image. What strategic upgrading has Meiya MPE made this year?

A: I will explain from three points.

1. First, MPE smart bed has cooperated with Huawei. We are not only doing this Smart bed We are building a smart bedroom based on one bed. We enter Huawei's ecology and realize the intelligent IOT of bedrooms. The ultimate goal is to enable a person to quickly enter deep sleep, so as to sleep better.

We are not just making a smart bed, a single product, but a smart bedroom based on AI voice and intelligent IOT, providing a smart, easy to operate and control sleep space.

2. The second point is the upgrading of our team. In the past, Meiya MPE still has relatively imperfect aspects in team marketing. This year, we have introduced many more professional marketing management personnel from listed companies, involving various sectors, such as marketing planning, marketing management, training, etc., to join our team. Including myself, I used to be a senior executive in a listed company, so our whole team has a great upgrade. Only with a good team can we bring the enterprise into a broader development space.

3. Thirdly, MPE in Asia and America is gradually carrying out international cooperation. For example, we are now launching the original Malaysian imported sleep brand getha, and we will further promote the upgrading of our international strategy, integrate more and better resources, and enrich our product line and the whole development space.


Q: MPE smart bed has cooperated with Huawei to create a "smart bedroom" based on one bed. What are the highlights? What kind of feelings will it bring to consumers and the industry?

A: First, it is based on a bed of intelligent IOT. Huawei also proposed the Internet of things to make people's life more intelligent. A bed, which can connect the whole indoor air conditioner, air purifier, light box, speaker, desk lamp, sweeping robot, curtain, etc., can carry out intelligent IOT, which is a bright spot.

Second, we are all AI voice control system. Voice control makes people more convenient. Our controller itself is an intelligent controller, which is also a great bright spot.

The third point is the product. Our smart bedroom can monitor all kinds of data of human body every day, including heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate, turning over times, people's time in bed, times of getting out of bed... All sleep based data can be completely monitored and written data report can be provided to you every day. I think this is very important. In the future, our products will not only provide functionality, but also bring more data, especially attention to human health.


Q: MPE smart bed is suitable for all ages, how to understand? Please give an example.

A: It is reflected in two aspects.

On the one hand, it is reflected in the design. In terms of design, we have not only products suitable for middle-aged people to pursue stable and noble experience, but also products that are younger and fashionable, and whose appearance design is more suitable for young people's aesthetic needs.

The second is the price performance ratio. We also provide some cost-effective products for young people. For example, MPE smart bed has a "space 1 x legend", the national unified promotion price is 6999. Its design is relatively young and fashionable, comfortable, soft and hard moderate, very suitable for young people to use. Young people can afford it and enjoy comfort.

Relatively speaking, MPE smart bed has been upgraded to complete full age products according to market positioning and demand. In terms of design and cost performance, people of different ages can have a choice.


Q: Under the epidemic situation, many enterprises are difficult to survive. What reflection and effective measures are worth learning from in the operation and development of MPE in Meiya?

A: Meiya MPE is a household building materials industry enterprises.

First, when the epidemic comes, we should first consider how to let the dealers survive first. We have to help them, so we have launched many promotional products with high cost performance; At the same time, we have done a lot of live broadcast and online activities for our dealers, including micro enjoyment meeting and various online marketing, so as to help dealers continue to sell and move during the epidemic period.

Second, I think that as an enterprise in this state, we should be more calm and see opportunities. We should recognize the development of this country and China's economic development. Its overall situation is good. It will not stop because of an epidemic or a short-term difficulty. Therefore, we should have hope.

Third, no matter when, the product is still the most important thing. It is very important for us to do a good job in the product. Only with good product can we have a future. Therefore, the most important thing for us now is to continuously and deeply explore the selling points of our products, and then to develop products that are more technologically advanced and more in line with the needs of consumers, whether aesthetic or comfort, so that they can truly feel that MPE products are more suitable for them, so that they can sleep better and enter deep sleep faster.

Fourth, I have always believed that a good team is the root of the long-term development of the enterprise, so the talent strategy is the most important for us. We are constantly introducing talents from various sectors to form a very excellent professional team.

In the past, MPE was more inclined to family business family management thinking. Now we have entered into a professional management. Such transformation can lay a very important foundation for our future 5-year, 10-year and even longer-term development. In the future, we will continue to motivate our team and ensure its vitality through professionalism.


Q: What is the marketing strategy and development direction of Meiya MPE smart bed in the second half of the year?


The direction of the second half of the year: first, we should continue to carry out market layout, because I think A brand without a market is not a brand, a network is a brand, and a channel is a brand. We have to go to the consumer side, so that consumers can easily buy.

Second, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with Huawei. In September, MPE smart bed will be launched in Huawei mall and Huawei's entire ecosystem. At the same time, we will also launch some cooperation with Huawei, such as internal test crowdfunding, to integrate Huawei's ecological and intelligent technology into MPE smart bed brand. This is a very important development path for us.

Thirdly, we hope to continue to cooperate with the space training administration and the General Administration of sports training in the value building of MPE smart bed products and brands, as well as cooperate with some scientific research institutions and medical institutions, so that MPE smart bed can truly serve deep sleep, and more good products will be constantly introduced.


Q: Do you think this year's Shenzhen exhibition is different from the previous years?

A: This exhibition can be called the world's largest exhibition this year. In terms of scale, brand and other aspects, I think they are the largest. The great change of Shenzhen exhibition this year is the upgrading of service, No matter from the catering service, or from the buyer's service, all kinds of services, including face recognition, the use of many advanced technologies, including the connection between various venues, I think it is a huge appreciation, I think this is the future of China's exhibition.

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