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There is "strength" and "temperature". MPE sleep Festival · voice for love, intelligent blessing!
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  01 /   There is a temperature in the world    

Because of love, the world has a temperature. Love for ourselves makes us go forward bravely, love for our family makes us invincible, love for our partner makes us gentle and strong, love for friends makes us grow together Every small and ordinary day Zi, all carry many love stories, either voiced, or silent, or told, or not revealed.
And everyone who loves is worthy of being loved. Busy and struggling for the people who live and love. When you come home and unload your fatigue, a smart bed that understands you is the backing of relaxation and rehabilitation.
In October of golden autumn, MPE smart sleep Festival is a voice for love: love your parents, love your partner, love your best friend, love yourself... Upgrade your smart sleep with smart products.

this night Start, use love Embrace the world, the world will give you the best gentleness.


  02 /   Not only sleeping, but also technology  

With the rapid development of big data and AI Artificial Intelligence, smart home products have gradually become the new trend of modern home life. Both the Internet giants represented by bat and the 3C household appliances brands represented by Haier and Xiaomi have entered the field of smart home, bringing more smart home products. At the same time, it also indicates that smart home products are no longer enjoyed by a few people, but are flying to thousands of households. In the future, smart phones may become the trend and standard configuration.
The real intelligence is not mechanical, not the cold combination of data and code, but like a friend, understands you, accompanies you and helps you. It should have temperature. Smart bed, the same thing.

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MPE smart bed provides users with a warm and personalized smart bed experience through insight into the most urgent and deepest needs of users, while presenting a sense of comfort, Based on user life and pain points, MPE intelligent bed technology has built a whole age intelligent bedroom home scene, satisfy Happy home And people Care for Refuse the cold "Smart sense of technology" makes home life intimate and humanized.

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It can satisfy the functions of deep sleep, leisure and entertainment MPE smart bed, multi gear intelligent mode, adjustable at will, AI voice Intelligent control, will be the love of technology for people, embrace every moment of bedroom life.

You can enjoy the movie freely Provides support from the waist to the back, reducing muscle and spine load. Play with mobile phones, reading, watching movies, with the most comfortable posture for leisure and entertainment.
Yoga Stretch, release pressure: With the help of the physical extrusion of intelligent bed, help to make yoga classics "Xiaoyanfei" movement can stretch the spine and relieve the lumbar pain caused by sitting and standing for a long time during the day
Relax body and mind, relieve fatigue: Gently raise the leg, so that the leg is higher than the heart, reduce leg pressure, accelerate blood return, relieve leg soreness, and release the fatigue of the day in the body stretch.
Take care of pregnant mother and escort: Use the power of intelligent bed to assist to get up and lie down, so as to solve the difficulty of getting up during pregnancy. Help the pregnant mother to support and raise her legs, and give her the most gentle care and care.

Zero pressure deep sleep can improve sleep quality When sleeping, slightly lift the head and back to make breathing more smooth, increase oxygen supply to the brain, relieve heart pressure, reduce sleep interference, and quickly enter into deep sleep state.

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  03 /   There is temperature and strength  

Voice for love, intelligent blessing. Use the power of intelligent technology to transmit the temperature of love. From September 17 to October 11, the "MPE sleep Festival · voice for love" national store linkage was greatly promoted, which was a huge benefit linkage and a love The voice of the national upgrade of smart bed, with sincerity for love to help!

During the event, The love story of MPE smart bed "voice for love" series is launched synchronously and warmly, which wakes up the love in ordinary life and restores the real feeling.

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Wechat video number, shaking sound number, search attention "MPE smart bed", participate in #MPE for voice and topic interaction, with a maximum winning value of 15800 yuan, space 1 x legendary smart bed

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This activity has temperature, more intensity. During the activity, not only the topic interaction and courtesy activities on the cable, but also New AI voice control smart bed "link +" launched synchronously, enjoy the surprise discount price of tasting fresh experience

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Super benefits of more cable stores: Voice for love Power, voice and sleep for love "Sleep upgrade subsidy", "voice for love · family sharing upgrade", "voice for love · special price for new product launch experience", "voice for love · special offer for explosive products", "voice for love · 3 pieces more than 1 yuan" and "voice for love · care and upgrade plus purchasing privileges", etc., with peak Shenghui, base price carnival, from September 17 to October 11, you are invited to experience!

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