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Do not change bed sheets in star hotels? Sleep MPE at home and enjoy a peaceful sleep!
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The May Day holiday is coming. Can't you wait to go out and play~~

When traveling, the most troublesome thing is to book a hotel, because the sanitary condition of the hotel is too uncomfortable for the wife.

Every year, there will be a number of international famous five-star hotel health problems, such as the guests do not change the bed after check-out, this ~ ~ ~ this is still a five-star hotel, other general small hotels or family hotels, it is unimaginable!

If you want to have a steady sleep outside this May Day holiday, you should make preparations in advance. Friends traveling in the circle of friends might as well enjoy sleep at home. Xiao m also prepared a deep sleep strategy for you

Deep sleep strategy 1

Good sleep habits

Guaranteed sleep time

Normal adults need 7-8 hours of sleep, too much or too little is not good, but few people can basically maintain this sleep time. Now many young people stay up late, go to bed late and get up late, which is a bad sleep habit. Sleeping late or not enough can increase the risk of illness and death.

Correct posture

Posture is also important when you sleep. Some people like to sleep on the stomach, but long-term lying down will affect body function, especially the compression of heart and lung, affecting breathing. Choosing the right and comfortable sleeping posture can guarantee the sleep quality.

Avoid staying up late

Staying up late will make the body bear more load, but also easy to lead to fire, poor spirit. Staying up late for a night or two may be nothing, but if you stay up late for a long time, you will obviously feel lack of physical strength, difficulty in concentration, sleepiness, etc., and the biological clock will be disturbed, and the quality of sleep will be poor.

Deep sleep strategy 2

Room temperature, sound, light

Sleep to let the indoor temperature moderate, too cold or too hot will make the body nervous, not conducive to good sleep. 16-24 The room temperature of ℃ is more conducive to deep sleep ~

Sleep must be in a quiet environment, busy streets or stations near the place is not an ideal place to sleep, in the long run will certainly be harmful to health. Similar to the sound of wind, rain, waves and other white noise and pink noise more sleep!

Light can regulate the body's biological clock. Wake up in the morning, bask in the sun for an hour, to boost the spirit is very useful.

Deep sleep strategy 3

A suitable mattress for you

Lie flat on the mattress, hand to the neck, waist and buttocks to the thigh between the three obvious bending place to stretch, see if there is any gap. Turn over to one side again, try to see if there is a gap between the concave part of the body curve and the mattress in the same way.

MPE third generation latex technology, according to the ergonomics, scientific division, so that the mattress to adapt to the human body curve, perfect fit the body shape. A mattress that fits the curve of the body is the right one suitable Your own mattress.

In life, there are often husband and wife because of the "hard and soft" bed quarrel. This is also most people in the purchase of mattresses the most tangled problem.

MPE adjustable soft hard intelligent bed has two special hardware and software devices, which can realize the adjustment of the hardness and softness of each part of the mattress. Soft hardness can be adjusted as a whole, but also can be adjusted in different areas, so that sleep partners do not interfere with each other.

A MPE smart bed, you can enjoy the sleep experience of five-star hotel at home!


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