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Choose mattress besides concern brand, these two points also cannot ignore!
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Is it easy to go home from work?

What really destroys a person's life, the pressure of work can't be relaxed after returning home.

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It's really important to sleep well when you get home from work!

High quality and healthy sleep quality is the dream of young people. Compared with the bed itself, mattress is an important factor affecting sleep quality. Facing many famous mattress brands and mattress products, how to choose?

with MPE Take mattress as an example to analyze the two factors that high quality mattress should have

Select high quality material, good for health

MPE Pure latex series products are one of the high-end bedding brands in the bedding industry. With the product concept of "pure latex, more health", integrating the global high-quality healthy sleep raw materials, adopting the international leading latex mattress manufacturing technology, we provide effective solutions for the vast number of consumers with deep and healthy sleep. When you buy a mattress home, you can use it directly without special treatment. Green environmental protection is more conducive to the health of sleepers.

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Perfect support and fit to the body to protect the spine

The strength of support is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of mattresses, which is closely related to our spinal health. MPE The mattress is divided into seven parts according to ergonomics: head, shoulder, back, waist, hip, thigh and lower leg. Different supporting performance is designed to make the mattress conform to the natural curve of human body and fit the body perfectly; Scientifically and effectively reduce the pressure on muscles during sleep, so that the human body can completely relax and achieve deep sleep.

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MPE Pure latex mattress, No four The technology of replacing latex can not only improve the pressure reducing ability of the mattress, but also make the latex mattress form a "microcirculation air system", which makes the absorption and air permeability of the mattress stronger; The whole mattress can directly breathe the air through the nose, so it is called "breathing decompression intelligent latex mattress".


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