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MPE bedding | the couple have been married for less than 3 years, why have they started to share rooms?
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Many people believe that only when the couple's emotional problems, they will choose to sleep in separate rooms.

A young couple whom Xiao m met recently, although they seemed to have a very good relationship, they also revealed to Xiao m that they had been sleeping in separate rooms all the time.

According to their own introduction, not all the marriages sharing rooms are due to emotional discord, but what they pursue is their independent sleeping space

In fact, my gender is quite different. I am quiet, but he is noisy; In addition to the reason of work, everyone's work and rest time are different. Often, when I go to bed, he still has to work, and every time he goes to bed, he will wake me up. My sleep is relatively shallow, and it is difficult to fall asleep again after waking up.

This reason for sleeping in separate rooms, it seems, is justifiable, and even will be supported by most people. With more and more modern people tend to have independent sleep space, this kind of room allocation may not be a few. Even more two husband and wife because like the soft and hard degree of the mattress is different, so also chose to divide a room to sleep directly.

However, Xiao m also believes that even if "sleeping apart" and "bad relationship between husband and wife" can not be directly equated, it may still become the root of the bifurcation of feelings

1) After sleeping in separate rooms, they may not want to sleep together;

2) Sleeping in separate rooms reduces the time of intimate communication between each other, which may let the third party take advantage of it;

3) Sleeping in separate rooms is easy to cause less and less life of husband and wife;

So, how can we ensure that we can give each other an adequate sleep space while maintaining a stable relationship?

MPE bedding, which focuses on sleep quality, tells you:

Choose a good bed = a good "mediator"

In view of the different living habits of husband and wife, when choosing a mattress, we should pay attention to support and balance, and ensure that both sides are independent and have strong anti-interference. The MPE pure latex intelligent bed / mattress can not only absorb the noise and vibration, but also have the functions of left and right partition and different soft and hard adjustment. Whether you turn over or get up, you can ensure that you don't disturb each other and share a comfortable sleep.

Refuse to share rooms? A good bed will do it!


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