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MPE bedding ranked top 10 in China mattress brand list
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I believe that many consumers in the purchase of mattresses, need to go through a careful study and experience, after all, the comfort of mattresses will directly affect people's sleep quality. Therefore, the mattress brand list has become the reference standard at the beginning of purchasing MPE As the leader of domestic latex mattress brand, bedding has been listed in the top 10 of China mattress brand list for many years.

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There are countless mattress manufacturers in China, and those who can be selected into the top 10 mattress brand list must meet the following two high standards:

Mattress material

At present, there are various kinds of mattress materials on the market, including latex, spring, palm, etc. Among them, the higher price of latex mattress, the mattress raw materials are generally natural latex as raw materials. The manufacturers who can be ranked at the top of the mattress brand list should produce the latex mattress with exquisite technology combined with modern equipment and technology, such as molding, foaming, gelation, vulcanization, washing, drying, molding and packaging, so as to make the latex mattress green, harmless and non irritating to human body.

Top 10 mattress brands MPE The raw materials of bedding and latex products are all natural latex purchased from Southeast Asia, and have passed the European environmental protection certification, European non-toxic latex material quality certification, Italian quality certification, etc WF4 Dry circulation ventilation certification TLS Five authoritative certification of latex products such as air permeability certification.


manufacturing process

Manufacturing process and process, determine the quality of a mattress extraordinary or mediocre. To be one of the top ten mattress brand manufacturers, it is necessary to achieve consistent tightness at the joint of mattress fabric technology, without obvious wrinkles, floating lines and jumper wires; The seam edge and four corner arc are symmetrical, no burr is exposed, and the dental floss is straight. When we press the mattress by hand, there is no friction sound inside, and the hand feeling is crisp and comfortable. MPE Bedding under the intelligent bed, pure latex mattress are imported natural latex, using Italy GMA The production technology, whether from the source of material or production technology, has reached the world's leading standards.

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after-sale service

In addition to the quality of products, the top 10 mattress brands can not be less guaranteed by after-sales service.

Top 10 mattress brands MPE Bedding, provide perfect after-sales service system: four hundred In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and dealers, after-sales service telephone guidance, dealer after-sales complaint form, product return service process, etc.


The top 10 best-selling mattress brands in China are all mattress brands trusted by consumers, MPE As one of the top ten mattress brands in China, bedding has always been committed to the cause of human deep sleep, providing consumers with high-quality deep sleep solutions.

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