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MPE bedding Science: why is the price of pure latex mattress so high?
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Latex mattresses with high popularity abroad are favored by consumers because of their higher comfort. Although the price of latex mattress is more expensive than ordinary spring bed, there are still many consumers who say it is worth spending a lot of money to choose it.

So, why is the price of pure latex mattress so high? today MPE Bedding for you to comb.

The price of a latex mattress generally depends on its structure and materials: the content of natural latex, the thickness of latex and the grade of raw materials are all important factors affecting the price of pure latex mattress. After all, latex from natural rubber trees is so precious that every rubber tree can only produce it every day 30cc Latex juice, and a latex product needs at least one day to one and a half days to complete the production, is a very time-consuming and precious material of a product.


Of course, some people may also raise such a question: at present, Hainan, Guangdong, Yunnan and other places in China have successfully introduced the planting of rubber trees, and the annual yield is less than sixty Million tons, whether the price of latex mattress will be reduced?

As mentioned above, the price of pure latex mattress is closely related to its latex content. Latex rubber trees need to grow in tropical areas with plenty of sunshine and rain, as well as soil rich in minerals. Southeast Asia has the most suitable characteristics for rubber tree growth. Although rubber tree planting has been introduced in some areas of China, the latex content that can produce the best yield can only reach 88% The best latex industry in the world is in Southeast Asia, and the latex content can reach 94% Therefore, the price of imported natural pure latex mattress will be more expensive.

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At present, the price of pure latex mattresses in the market ranges from several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands yuan, and the production materials and technology of latex mattresses are also uneven, but it is certain that if consumers want to buy a high-quality natural latex mattress, its price must not be low.

The core technology of a high-quality pure latex mattress is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the high-tech production formula; the other is the advanced production equipment and standard manufacturing process. Top 10 latex mattresses MPE Bedding, using Italy's leading latex technology, raw materials are rich in natural latex from South America and Southeast Asia, latex mattresses have passed the European extremely strict environmental protection certification.

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