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The advantages and disadvantages of latex mattress, MPE bedding tells you why to choose latex mattress
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In recent years, more and more people are pursuing a higher quality lifestyle in all aspects, and the sleep quality problem is more and more concerned. Compared with the traditional spring mattress, today's consumers are more inclined to choose the more expensive natural latex mattress. So how much do you know about the pros and cons of latex mattresses? MPE Bedding inventory for you immediately.

Before understanding the pros and cons of latex mattresses, we need to understand what natural latex mattresses are made of. Natural latex mattresses are latex mattresses made of clover rubber tree tapping at night, diluted, purified, foamed, washed and dried. It has a light fragrance of latex. Natural latex contains pure natural substances, rubber molecules, proteins, fatty acids and other substances beneficial to human health, which is completely natural and healthy.

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One of the benefits of using latex mattress: promote sleep

The area that latex mattress contacts human body is common spring bed 3-5 Therefore, it can more disperse the bearing capacity of human body weight, achieve all-round support, and have the function of correcting bad sleeping posture. Latex mattress with high elasticity, can meet the needs of different weight groups for soft and hard. There is also a very important point is that latex mattress will not produce static electricity, noise, no vibration, with sleep partners can not interfere with each other, so that you can sleep comfortably.

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The second advantage of using latex mattress: anti mite and anti bacteria

The bed is a place where mites and bacteria can easily breed. However, the latex mattress is molded by evaporation, and the internal structure has numerous air holes, so it has good air permeability, and because the surface of the pores is smooth, mites can not attach. In addition, latex juice has a very important feature is that its fragrance makes many mosquitoes do not want to get close to it. The oak protein in latex can inhibit bacteria and allergen latent, so as to deeply benefit people suffering from asthma, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory system diseases.

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Three advantages of using latex mattress: air permeability

The molecular structure of latex is special, with good comfort and air permeability: natural latex mattress has thousands of small mesh exhaust holes, which can discharge the residual heat and moisture from the human body, and promote natural ventilation , Provide the best natural air conditioning system,; The open latex porous air bag structure can make the air flow freely in the mattress, disperse the heat and sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the mattress during sleep, and keep the sleep comfortable and dry.

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Compared with latex mattress so many advantages, its disadvantages appear insignificant: latex contact UV, will oxidize and yellow, so in the purchase of latex mattress, pay attention not to long-term exposure to the sun.

After the above analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses, I believe that consumers will have a better judgment and choice in the purchase of mattress types.

The core technology of a high-quality pure latex mattress is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the high-tech production formula; the other is the advanced production equipment and standard manufacturing process. Top 10 latex mattresses MPE Bedding, using Italy's leading latex technology, raw materials are rich in natural latex from South America and Southeast Asia, latex mattresses have passed the European extremely strict environmental protection certification.

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