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China's top 10 latex mattresses, MPE bedding exclusive seat
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With the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for the quality of life, the traditional spring bed and coconut palm bed are increasingly difficult to meet the needs of the people, while the latex mattress, which has been widely used abroad, has gradually become a new favorite of consumers. In the current domestic latex mattress ranking, MPE Bedding in the production process, raw material use, quality certification and other aspects, are in the industry's leading level. MPE Bedding has been recognized by consumers at the same time, naturally also in the top 10 latex mattress exclusive seat.

As the top ten brands of latex mattress, MPE Bedding has been committed to promoting human health and deep sleep for a long time. It is the first high-end professional brand to launch scientific and technological intelligent bed and pure latex healthy bed in China. Let's take a brief look MPE Bedding under the smart bed and pure latex two categories.

MPE Smart bed series

MPE As one of the top ten latex mattresses in China, bedding is not only elaborately made on latex mattresses, but also a series of pure latex intelligent beds rarely seen in the latex mattress market. As a leading brand of smart bed, MPE Bedding advocates the product concept of zero pressure and deep sleep, and selects high-quality sleep materials from all over the world, including Italian latex, Australian wool, Austrian horsetail hair, plant queen lavender, and high-tech achievement tianniansu, etc., to open a scientific and technological sleep era for consumers.

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MPE In addition to the third, fourth and fifth generation latex technology, the smart bed also adds functions such as wireless remote control, massage, and free adjustment of sleep angle. Adhering to the ergonomic concept, through the humanized concept, integrating a variety of high-quality and healthy sleep raw materials from all over the world, the smart bed is designed to meet the needs of human body, more healthy and comfortable mattress through scientific combination, And such a concept and technology in the current domestic latex mattress ranking can be counted as second to none.

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MPE Pure latex series

MPE pure latex mattress, with the product concept of "pure latex, more healthy", integrates the global high-quality healthy sleep raw materials, adopts the international leading latex mattress manufacturing technology, and provides effective solutions for the vast number of consumers with deep healthy sleep.

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The core technology of a high-quality pure latex mattress is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the high-tech production formula; the other is the advanced production equipment and standard manufacturing process. Top 10 latex mattresses MPE The bedding adopts Italy's leading latex technology. The raw materials are all from South America and Southeast Asia, which are rich in natural latex. The latex mattresses have passed the extremely strict environmental protection certification in Europe, the quality certification of non-toxic latex materials, the quality certification of Italy WF4 Dry circulation ventilation certification TLS Five authoritative certification of latex products such as air permeability certification.

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