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MPE bedding | if you want to have a good fortune, how to arrange your bed?
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As a very important part of residential geomantic omen, bedroom geomantic omen has always received the attention and attention of many rich businessmen and tycoons.

Because in the view of many feng shui masters, people spend about 1 / 3 of their life in bed. In home geomantic omen, the layout of bedroom geomantic omen and bed furnishings will also account for 1 / 3 of your fortune, which is closely related to health and luck. Therefore, we must be very careful.

So how to put the bed in the bedroom so as not to make a big taboo? Today, Xiao m will take a careful inventory for you

Pay attention to 1: bed orientation

According to the "matching of bed life" in geomantic omen, the bed orientation needs to be adjusted according to its own five elements

For those who belong to water, wood and fire in the five elements, it is better to place the bed in the East, Southeast, South and North.

For those who belong to soil and gold in the five elements (West four lives), the orientation of bedroom bed should be: Northeast, northwest, southwest and West.

Pay attention to 2: bed placement

The head of the bed should be against the wall, and it will be stable if there is a "backing". The bed must have a screen and unreliable window. The back of the bed is not toilet or kitchen. The head of the bed can't rely on the door. If you can accommodate the limited space of the bedroom, and put the bed on the side of the gate, it will be a big taboo for the bedroom.

The bed is not opposite the door In order not to be seen at a glance, without privacy and security, but also affect the rest. If it is against the door, the screen can be used to block the door, which not only blocks the door of the bed, but also maintains the privacy of the bedroom. Neither side of the bed (head, side, or foot) should face the door. If you are facing the bedroom door, not only is there no privacy to speak of, but also when Qi enters the bedroom door, it will directly rush into the bed, forming evil Qi, which is harmful to the people sleeping in this bed.

The head of the bed should not be under the beam. The ceiling should be flat, avoid beams. Crossbeam is easy to produce heavy body feeling psychologically, especially when people sleep under the beam, they will feel great pressure, resulting in mental oppression, affecting health and career.

Pay attention to 3: bedroom other accessories

Too many plants should not be placed in bedrooms. Too many flowers and plants are easy to gather Yin Qi, and plants absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night, so it is easy to affect people's health.

The door must not face the mirror. The mirror has the function of reflection. It can reflect back the evil spirit on fengshui, so it can block the evil spirit. But the mirror to the door will be evil Chong Ke into the bedroom, attracting bad luck.

Of course, some of the bedroom geomantic omen and layout, to a certain extent, is also to make the bedroom master sleep more secure. Only when people get enough sleep time and better sleep quality at night, can they be full of energy in their work and life during the day and strive for their own career.

In terms of improving sleep quality, MPE bedding It has the same starting point as bedroom geomantic omen. For 64 years, we have been focusing on promoting the cause of human health and deep sleep MPE bedding With the world's leading latex technology formula and Italy's advanced production equipment and standard manufacturing process. High quality MPE technology intelligent bed and pure latex health bed will enable everyone to enjoy the fun of deep sleep.

In order to have a good fortune, you may need a bed to enjoy deep sleep in addition to paying attention to bedroom geomantic omen~


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