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Marketing Director

Recruitment category: Marketing
Job nature: Marketing Director
Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen
Salary: face to face
Recruitment: 1
Release time: April 4, 2018
Education requirements: junior college or above
Language requirements: Unlimited

Job description

one According to the company's development strategy, industry status and development trend, formulate the company's marketing development plan and annual sales plan and organize the implementation; Implement and improve the sales policy of the company; Sales team building and management; Promote the standardization, scientific and efficient operation system management of the company;
2. Fully responsible for the company's sales management and sales development, leading the sales team to complete the company's sales indicators;
3. Marketing dynamic research and analysis to provide the latest market information for the company's marketing; Responsible for market research and analysis, study industry trends, and provide feasibility report on market operation; Set up and expand the company's market operation network and expand the target market; Collect market information, such as customers, products, competitors, etc. through front-line sales representatives, conduct statistics and analysis, timely feed back to the company's marketing, R & D and other departments, promote rapid response, and assist the company to optimize, integrate and develop the supply chain;
4. Work out annual monthly plan, expense budget, profit index, etc; Responsible for controlling the balanced development of sales budget, number of sales channels and sales performance targets; Conduct work analysis regularly, adjust operation portfolio strategy in time, and formulate preventive and corrective measures;
5. According to the company's marketing and market dynamics, improve customer satisfaction through customer visits, customer training and promoting the handling of customer opinions, suggestions and complaints, establish and consolidate a balanced customer relationship platform, gradually infiltrate terminal customers and master the final consumer groups; Be responsible for or guide key account marketing; Business negotiation for key customers;
6. According to the company's expense policy, guide subordinates to understand the key points of sales, evaluate customer resource demand, formulate budget use plan, determine the expense mode, reasonably coordinate and allocate the company's resources, and audit the rationality of expense use, so as to improve the input-output ratio;
7. According to the company's business policy and business needs of the Department, reasonably set up the organizational structure and posts of the Department, optimize the business process, reasonably allocate human resources, develop and cultivate the ability of employees, and be responsible for the team growth of the sales system, including personnel work arrangement, training and guidance, performance appraisal, etc. Improve the work efficiency of the Department and improve employee satisfaction.

Job requirements

one More than 8 years working experience in furniture industry, more than 5 years team management experience;
2. Rich marketing planning experience, familiar with marketing and management knowledge, proficient in various sales channels (including e-commerce);
3. Excellent data analysis ability and keen data insight;
4. Have leadership ability, judgment and decision-making ability, communication ability, plan execution ability; Have a strong sense of career;
5. Have a strong sense of responsibility, dedication and influence, good professional ethics and work mentality;
6. Good communication and coordination skills, team spirit and sense of responsibility;
7. Customer resources are preferred.

Application Method
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