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Foreign trade salesman

Recruitment category: Marketing
Job nature: foreign trade salesman
Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen
Salary: face to face
Recruitment: 1
Release time: April 4, 2018
Education requirements: junior college or above
Language requirements: CET-4 or above

Job description

one Have confidence to challenge high annual salary;

two Be able to complete team tasks independently;

three Familiar with foreign trade process and document making;

Job requirements

one College degree or above (Bachelor degree is preferred), major in foreign trade or English, CET-4 or above (Level 6 is preferred), proficient in listening, speaking and writing (can communicate with foreign customers normally);
2. More than 2 years working experience in international trade (furniture industry is preferred), excellent person without working experience will be considered;

three Have strong negotiation ability and adaptability, strong executive ability, agree with the core values of the enterprise and are willing to grow with the enterprise;

four Age: under 28 years old.

Application Method
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